Child Support

If your divorce has you obligated to pay child support for your children, and you are in default, it is possible that your ex-spouse may report you to the court, and a “judgment†for the past due child support may result. This is very negative. It is filed in public records within your county, and the information will be sent to the credit bureaus.

Q: How long do judgments on my credit report?
A: Court decisions, including small claims, civil and child support, remain on your credit report for seven years from the filing date.

Q: What happens after I pay/settle a judgment? Is it removed from my report?
A: Paid or settled judgments are not removed from your credit report. They will be updated to a "Paid" or "Settled" status accordingly. Judgments are derogatory credit information and seriously impact your FICO score. There is no such thing as perfect payment history on a judgment – if a judgment exists it is derogatory.

Q: Can you permanently delete a judgment?
A: Yes. We can permanently delete paid or unpaid judgments from your credit report. Your judgment, however, will still remain in the original court records. Fortunately, lenders do not research court records when determining credit worthiness. They rely solely upon the information in your credit report.